Exclusive Aston Martin One-77 Preview Weekend at Grange Welwyn

An Exclusive Showing of the Fantastic Aston Martin ONE-77 Supercar.
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October

We have been lucky enough to secure this rarely seen Aston Martin ‘Supercar’ for our event and we invite you to share our passion for these two days only.

To support this event we have put together an ‘Exclusive Showcase’ of New and Used vehicles with some very special prices. Over the weekend there will be a number of vehicles that will attract a significant saving over RRP* these vehicles will not be advertised until after the event, so be the first to see the specially selected stock.

Aston Martin designed ONE-77 as an object of beauty, created for the discerning few, encompassing tradition, craftsmanship and excellence with raw power and earth shattering performance. 

With all 77 cars sold before the last one rolled off the production line, and a cool price tag of £1.2million one might beg the question of the 77 owners ‘Is it just sheer indulgence in its’ purest form, or a very wise investment!’

Nonetheless it is a sad but true fact that most people will never see one of these magnificent cars in their lifetime.

To register your interest please call us on 0844 371 4847 .


2 Responses to Exclusive Aston Martin One-77 Preview Weekend at Grange Welwyn

  1. really an awesome car i want it…………;)

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